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Do you plan to print your photos?
Then take a look at this story

A few years back, we had printed photos. The cameras could instantly give life to printed photos or you were able to get them printed after some processing. We kept on creating physical photo albums, which helped us to cherish all the good memories that we had. However, technological development has changed the way how we store our photos. In other words, people in today’s world prefer to store their captured photos in digital storage devices. They include offline storage options, such as hard drives, USB flash drives, and DVDs, as well as online storage options such as emails and cloud storage.

Risks linked with digital storage of photos and dataaa

Storing photos on digital media is indeed a convenient and a straightforward option available for you to consider, instead of printing them. However, printing the photos can provide you with many other impressive benefits. If you are not convinced, you are strongly encouraged to keep on reading. Then you will be able to get a clear understanding on why you should print the photos and keep the physical copies along with you. I could overcome this with an excellent solution named photo stick for Android. I will be sharing that later in the story.

You cannot rely on digital storage options

You cannot expect the digital storage options to last forever. That’s one of the key reasons why you need to think about printing your photos. Your hard drive or USB flash drive can fail at any given time. You will also have many such experiences in the past. Therefore, you are not in a position to risk the precious memories that you had along with your loved ones in the past.

If you have stored your photos in an offline storage media, such as a mobile phone or an external hard drive, there is a high possibility for it to get stolen as well. In such a situation, you will never be able to get your hands on the photos again. Instead of taking this risk, you are strongly encouraged to go ahead and print the photos that you capture and enjoy every moment.

You can keep the memories alive

You obviously like to keep the precious memories of you alive. That’s another reason available for you to consider printing the photos. For example, you will be able to keep the printed photos on your working table. Or else, you can hang them in your office room or on your bedroom. Then you will be able to see those photos on a daily basis. As a result, you will be provided with the opportunity to keep the memories alive.

Your online storage account can get deleted

Most of the people prefer to take a look at the cloud storage solutions to overcome the risks associated with storing content on digital media. However, it is a risky thing to do as well. Google+ is a perfect example to prove the above-mentioned fact. When the social media network went down, all the user uploaded content was deleted as well. Likewise, you can get locked out of your cloud account as well. Without taking this risk, you should get your photos printed.

As you can see, printing photos is a good option available for you to overcome the risk factors that are associated with storing photos digitally. However, you shouldn’t go back in time, just because you need to provide extra protection to the photos. Instead, you are encouraged to think about going for a better solution.

This solution is none other than the photo stick. I was not aware of the photo stick for Android. As a result, I was also taking a look at the traditional solutions available out there to consider. I even considered taking print outs of my photos. However, that never seemed like a practical solution to me. That’s because I had to take printouts of thousands of photos.

While searching for an alternative, my brother introduced this gadget called the photo stick.

What exactly is the photo stick?

Upon the recommendation, I decided to go ahead and do my research about the photo stick. Here is the most important information that I was able to discover it.

The photo stick is a little device, which looks similar to a typical USB flash drive. However, I would prefer to call it a magical little device. That’s because it can help anyone to take a backup of photos stored in a computer with a single click.

The photo stick is in a position to search your entire computer or any other device that you have connected over USB and search for photos. You can also think about using it to search for videos. Even this can help you to get rid of the tedious time consuming task.

The photo stick is intelligent enough to organize all your photos accordingly. This helped me to stay away from the manual task of organizing photos as well. It provided great support to me by referring back to them at a later stage.

The photo stick can also provide instant safeguards to all the photos. It is not similar to a computer. In other words, photos that are stored in the photo stick will never get corrupted. Therefore, you can always keep peace of mind when you are using photos.

What exactly is the photo stick?

The photo stick for Android helped me to provide enhanced protection to more than 60,000 different photos. I didn’t have to do anything at all to get the job done. I could also purchase a photo stick for my use at an affordable price. With the price I paid, I got amazing results. Therefore, I can highly recommend the photo stick to any person out there. If you want to get the most out of your photos and provide enhanced protection to what you own, you are encouraged to get hold of a photo stick. It will make you fall in love with photos for the rest of your life as well.

What can you get from the Photostick?

The photo stick is in a position to provide an exciting experience to any person who uses it. In other words, you can think about it as an amazing storage device, which comes in the form of a tiny USB stick. When you have the photo stick, you don’t need to worry about any storage full messages that you see on your phone or computer. You can take a backup of all your photos to it and keep the peace of mind. I have done it and I have never seen any message that indicated my storage is full in the recent past. I’m highly impressed with it as well.Photo stick for android

I also appreciate the way how the photo stick is compatible with a variety of file formats. In other words, it is compatible with a lot of image and video file formats. Some of the most prominent image file formats that I’m working within a day to day life include TIF, JPG, PNG, and GIF. All of them are supported by it. In addition to that, previews of images that are uploaded in all these file formats are displayed as well.

Another great feature that I can see in the photo stick is that it is compatible with any smartphone available out there. I can easily connect it to my smartphone over the USB OTG cable and take a look at photos. I can view them on my Android phone as well as on the Apple iPhone of my partner.

Here are some of the most prominent features of the photo stick, which made me fall in love with it. I’m pretty sure that you will also get impressed by the photo stick by going through these features. Then you can make a decision if you are going to buy the photo stick or not.

check markWhen I plug in the photo stick to the computer, it would automatically start searching for photos and videos. Even the application launches automatically. I just need to press on the button that is named as “Go”. It would not just take backups of all the photos that I have on the computer. It will look for the ones that I have already backed up to the photo stick. Then it will take backups of only the photos where duplicates can be found.


photo stick check mark 2The overall efficiency offered by the photo stick is quite impressive as well. It can start scanning for photos instantly. Once I noticed how there was a duplicate, but it identified and removed the duplicate. I was quite impressed with this feature as well. Along with that, the photo stick can also provide a quick backup experience to anyone who uses it. I was able to back up thousands of photos within a matter of a few minutes. If I went through a manual method to take backups of all those files, it would at least take one week to get the job done. That’s because photos are scattered everywhere and locating them is quite a message. The photo stick was able to help me stay away from that frustration in a convenient manner. Therefore, I fell in love with the photo stick. I recommend it as a great product available for anyone who has a busy schedule. That’s because you will be able to save a lot of time when taking backups of the important photos that you back up.


check markThe data I backed up to the photo stick could easily be opened in any other device as well. In other words, I could open and view my photos on my office computer, which is a Mac. I’m highly impressed with the compatibility offered by it as well.


check mark When I started using the photo stick, I noticed that it provides me with the ability to back up photos at my disposal and convenience. That’s because I was provided with the chance to go ahead and save the photos as many times as I wanted. This was another great feature that I loved in the photo stick and I would like to recommend it to anyone due to this reason.


check markEase of use is another major factor, which made me give a lot of brownie points to the photo stick. Even though I have a basic understanding of how tech works, I don’t like to spend a lot of time or energy on getting my things done. I prefer convenience at all times. The photo stick was able to provide me with that convenience as well. For example, I didn’t have to deal with any cloud backups or passwords when working on the photo stick. It was able to provide great overall support to me and I’m highly impressed with it.


check markThe best thing about the photo stick was that it is a one time investment. After you get a photo stick, you will never be asked to make monthly payments. You just need to keep on using the service and it will help you to take backups along with time. It is a one time investment that has to be made in the entire lifetime.


photo stick check mark 1 I didn’t have to remember the locations, files and folders where I stored my files when using the photo stick. It is intelligent enough to locate the files and take backups. As mentioned earlier, it helped me to save a lot of time in the long run.


If you are looking for the most effective method to take backups of your photos and keep them with you for the rest of your life, I would encourage you to try out the photo stick for Android. Trust me, it will never fail you or disappoint you. You will be able to get an excellent service out of this device in the long run and you will fall in love with it at all times.

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