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I dropped my external hard drive and ended up with a disaster

How it all started

Recently, I faced a disaster, where I dropped my portable hard drive. I have used two different laptops in the past 10 years and I used to take all my data backed up to this external hard drive. I was in shock at the time of dropping it. The first thing I did was to plug it into the computer and see if it is working. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

I was spending a couple of hours online, trying to find a solution to get my external hard drive up and running again. I tried more than 5 different options, but none of them could deliver positive results to me. The external hard drive was not showing any indication at all.

That’s where I decided to get the assistance of one of my friends. Before that, I browsed through a few other websites as well, assuming that I could end up with a solution on my own. Even though I didn’t find a solution, I was able to learn a lot about data recovery. I wonder how I missed all the photo stick mobile reviews during the research. If I had come across them, I would be impressed and it would have provided me with the extra energy needed to overcome hassle I was going through.

People in the present world are provided with a large number of options to store their data. You can easily store all your important files on removable disks, on CDs or DVDs or hard drives. At the end of the day, all these methods are technological options and they can be subjected to break downs at any point in time. No matter how new or old your storage device is, once it is broken, you will have to end up with a big hassle. This is prominent in external hard drives. In case if you drop or hit your external hard drive on something, the chances of losing your data is extremely high. This has made external hard drive data recovery a popular topic on the Internet. I got to know about all these facts when I was looking for a solution.

Hard drive failures are common

Hard drive failure can be considered as the main reason behind loss of data, which can occur in an external hard drive. From the researches, it has been identified that more people lose data from the above mentioned fact than fire and water damages or accidental file deletion. External hard drive failure can simply be defined as the inability to access your data by connecting it to a computer via the USB cable. In case of a failure, you will not be able to recover data using traditional methods. It may require detailed and exhaustive work just to recover those important files.

Therefore, people have to experience hard drive failures are recommended to go for professional assistance to recover their data. Usually, evaluation is the first process that take place once you go to a professional for hard drive data recovery. Once they complete the evaluation process, you will be provided with valuable information about the extent of damage and the work that is being required to recover data. There are few companies in the world, which offer the evaluation process free of charge. It is recommended to go for such a company to save your money. Luckily, my friend has been working for such a professional data recovery company. That’s the main reason why I got in touch with him immediately and received assistance with getting hold of my data again.

I also figured out how it would be like to get in touch with a professional service provider and recover data from a failed external hard drive. In addition to evaluation, the data recovery experts will provide you with an estimation about the amount of work that is involved in the process of data recovery. This will give you an idea about the cost that is associated with the entire data recovery process. If you have important information out there on the hard disk, the amount you pay for such a service is worth. They are equipped with special tools and software to provide a high quality service to you. The experts will be waiting for your approval to carry on the data recovery process using these tools. They will make necessary arrangements to recover the data and keep you away from a huge trouble.

My friend initially inspected the hard drive. He also tried the basic troubleshooting methods, which I did at my home. However, none of them seemed to work or deliver any signs of life in the external hard drive. Then my friend removed a component out of the hard drive. He then used a special data recovery device, along with the assistance of a specialized tool to get back data.

By this point, my friend confirmed to me that it is not possible to get the external hard drive up and running due to the damages in components, but he can help me by recovering data I had in it. It was what I wanted as well. That’s because I can purchase a new external hard drive for less than $100 from the market.

It took him few hours to recover data, but I was able to get hold of all the files, including the photos I have captured from my mobile over the past 10 years.

Introducing the Photo stick

Before I leave, my friend recommended a perfect solution, which can help me to overcome the hassle associated with such situations in the future. It was a unique and a one of a kind hardware device called the Photo stick. He said that he has been using it to take backups of photos and avoid the frustration that can build up after such unfortunate incidents. I was encouraged to purchase a one as well. I immediately ordered one. In the meantime, I was also taking a look at the Photo stick mobile reviews. All the Photo stick mobile reviews were outstanding and I noticed how it has helped people to overcome the pain associated with losing precious memories. I would encourage you to get the same as well.

Since I have been using the photo stick for quite some time, I also thought about providing you with some basic information about it. Then you can figure out what this photo stick is all about and how it can help you to overcome the painful situations that I faced in my life. You will immediately fall in love with the photo stick as well.

The photo stick is a convenient and small device. It is more similar to a USB flash drive. The best thing about the photo stick is that it fits perfectly well into your palm. I must warn you that you should never underestimate the capabilities that come along with this device due to the size of it. Inside the photo stick, you will be able to discover a large number of impressive features. I will be explaining them later in this story. Therefore, I hope you will be convinced to go ahead and purchase your photo stick after reading this. You will not come across the need to look for any other method to take backups of your photos and keep the precious memories for the rest of your life.PHOTOSTICK MOBILE REVIEWS

Once you get this small device to your hands, all you have to do is to go ahead and plug it into your laptop or desktop. When you do it, you will be provided with the opportunity to take backups of all the photos and videos on it. They include all the photos that you have stored in different folders of your computer. In other words, you can back up the photos and videos from parties, travels and random moments. The one-click backup option is simply amazing. You will not be asked to purchase and install any additional hardware to get the functionality delivered by it. 

Therefore, I recommend it as one of the best methods available to keep photos and videos protected from physical damage that can take place.

The photo stick can function as an ordinary USB flash drive. We all have used USB flash drives in our lives. We also have a clear understanding of how they work. You can use the same experience and learn how to use a photo stick. Even the appearance of the photo stick is similar to a USB flash drive. However, it is one of the most powerful devices when compared to a USB flash drive. Instead of getting a USB flash drive to keep a backup of your photos and videos, you can use a photo stick.

Why should you use the Photostick?

The main reason why you should use a photo stick instead of a USB flash drive is the amazing software that comes with it. It is a comprehensive and feature-packed software. You will be able to get a lot of things done with ease while you use this software. The most impressive feature I loved about the software was its user-friendliness and intuitive design. I was able to get my work done while using the software with ease.

I was also able to take backups of photos with three simple steps when using a photo stick. This is another major reason that made me fall in love with the photo stick. I would highly recommend it to anyone due to the presence of this feature.

If you ask me to define the photo stick with just one sentence, I would call it a powerful memory that is available in a small stick. On average, you will be able to store around 60,000 photos in the photo stick at a time. That’s something impressive about the device. When you are using photo stick, you will also be able to keep the peace of mind when using your mobile device. That’s because you will not come across any memory full or storage full messages.

You will also fall in love with the fact of how it supports many different file formats. Whether you have JPG photos, TIF photos or PNG files, you can sync them to photo stick without any hassle. You don’t need to manually sync any of those phototypes, which belong to different file formats. You will be able to sync them automatically. All these photos will be located by photo stick by using its intuitive software. In addition to that, you will also be able to find compatibility with different video formats as well. If you have a video that was captured around 8 years ago, it would be in a different format. For example, the videos that we shot from our old Nokia phones were in 3GP format. To my surprise, the photo stick was able to sync those 3GP videos as well. It did everything automatically and I was not asked to do anything.

On top of all these features, I was also fascinated by the way how it can work without being connected to the internet. When I plugged in the photo stick, I never noticed it asking me to connect to the internet. I was able to get everything done offline. They have done an excellent job by integrating the functionality to the USB device, which can take care of all tasks.

This will not just be another one out of photo stick mobile reviews. This is a complete experience that I had with it. I’m totally in love with this outstanding device and I would like to recommend it to any person who wants to save the photos and preserve them for the future. If you are worried about the risk of losing your photos, get rid of all those fears now as a photo stick is there for your survival.

You will be able to purchase photo stock at an affordable price tag as well. The overall benefits that come along with this tool are excellent and it is something that you will love to keep along with you for the rest of your life.

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