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How I started using external devices to take backups of my data

Photo stick USBI used to store all my files on the computer. It didn’t take a long time for me to realize that it was the biggest mistake I did in my life as well. There was a voltage issue and my entire computer burnt off. Even my hard drive stopped responding. I could not get back any of the files I had on my computer. It included precious photo memories, which I had captured for many years.

I bought another computer after that. However, I wanted to make sure that I don’t end up with such negative consequences after a similar issue. That’s where I bought an external hard drive.

Using an external hard drive can be considered as the most popular as well as the most convenient option available for people in the present world to store their important files. The portability and affordability have also contributed towards the above mentioned fact. If you are concerned about the loss of data that can take place during a computer crash, you need to purchase an external hard drive and have a backup of all your important files.

I went through some of the options available to consider as well and noticed that purchasing an external hard drive can help me to overcome most of the risk factors.

The importance of external hard drives

External hard drives can simply be connected to your computer, with the help of a USB cable. They are compatible with almost all the computers out there. Therefore, you can even carry files from one computer to another with the help of an external hard drive. They work similarly to the existing hard disk of your computer. You don’t need to possess any special tools or skills to use it. They are being manufactured by many reputed companies all over the world. Western Digital, Maxtor, Seagate, Samsung, Imation, and Sony are some of them. The model that you need to purchase depends on several factors. They will be discussed in detail in this article.

People who purchase external hard drives pay more attention to storage capacity. However, the hard drives with more storage capacity cost more. Normally, a general computer user can purchase a 1TB hard disk and store all his important files with less hassle. Knowing your requirements before purchasing an external hard disk will assist you to save a huge amount of money. In case if you are planning to purchase the hard disk to back up the files in your computer, it is recommended to look for a one with three times that of storage to store all the existing files as well as the files that will be needed to store in the future.

It is important to pay attention to the cache size of your external hard drive as well. I wanted to grab data stored in the external hard drive with ease, whenever I wanted to. The cache determines how quickly you can copy or read data from your hard drive. It is a high speed memory, which can serve as a buffer in between the drive and computer. If your computer cannot keep the amount of incoming data, the cache memory will temporarily store it until your hard disk is ready to accept them.

Speed can be considered as the main advantage that you can get by having a good cache speed. However, the devices with more cache sizes are relatively expensive to the other ones. Therefore, you need to consider which aspect is more important for you before purchasing it. The connectively of these hard drives is through a USB connection. Some of the portable hard drives do not require the usage of an external power supply. If you are more concerned about portability, it is recommended to go for an external hard drive like that. I paid more attention to this.

I eventually got a hard drive and copied all the files into it. I was taking regular backups of my computer files to the hard drive. This helped me to keep the peace of mind at all times.

How the Photostick came into play

While I was taking a backup of the computer to external hard drives, one of the colleagues came to my place. He saw that I was doing. I told him the story that tempted me to purchase an external hard drive. I also encouraged him to think about getting one. However, he provided me with a better option than that. It was interesting, but a small device called a Photo stick.

He had the photo stick USB in his car. He grabbed it from the car, came to my room and explained what it was all about. Until that moment, I didn’t even know such a product exists. The main reason why I wanted to get an external hard drive was that I wanted to take backups of my photos. However, the photo stick reminded me that I should have gone for it, instead of an external hard drive. It was a great device, which can help me to get my requirements catered. If I had known about this outstanding device earlier, I would have definitely gone ahead with it.

The photo stick is similar to a USB flash drive in dimensions. Any person can easily use it to take backups of photos stored on the computer.

You can even use the photo stick in three different steps. They include:

1. Plugging the photo stick to the computer. It can be plugged into a Windows computer or a Mac.

2. Open the program.

3. Click on the Go button in the software that opened up.

The best thing about Photo Stick is its affordable price. I could have purchased it for the fraction of price of an external hard drive. It was the most impressing thing about the photo stick. In addition to that, the manufacturer also provides a money-back guarantee for the photo stick.

With the positive impression I got about Photostick, I went ahead and purchase it. I will also be sharing a bit about the overall experience I had about it. Then you can make a decision if you are going to spend your money and purchase it or not.

If you assume that your data is safe on the PC or in the cloud then I would say Think again. Why? Because security risks are lurking everywhere … That’s why this flash drive is so important for all your “precious memories” such as photos and videos.

Photo stick USB

The threats in the network are constantly increasing, whether it is viruses, hackers or phishing via e-mail. It can happen very quickly that your computer gets infected and that all data and therefore your memories are gone. They don’t even have to be malicious attacks. A simple crash of the computer or a broken hard drive can be enough.

And then all the photos are completely gone within seconds. Everything stored on your PC or notebook – from vacation photos to weddings, babies and birthdays to parties or other documentation. Just leave! Forever!

The importance of using Photostick

You would never be interested in coming across any hassle as I faced. To prevent this, you have various options. For example, you can make a manual backup in the cloud or on an external hard drive. However, this takes hours if you have to search the entire folder and select photos. It also takes more valuable time to copy them.

Add to this the question: how often do you create such a backup? Hand in hand: if it happens, maybe once a year. Or maybe you even forgot. My experience says that weekly or monthly backups are rare.

For example, to prevent the loss of your photos – the memories of everything – there is a software with which you can manage your digital images. But now comes the big BUT: the software is expensive. It can quickly cost 100 Euros and more. That’s a big sum, especially since even this software can’t help if your machine is hacked or infected by a virus.

Fortunately, we still have a suitable solution ready with which you never have to worry about your souvenir photos: The Photostick Mobile. It is a new gadget that is affordable and can save up to 60,000 photos in seconds with just one click. The backup is so quick and easy that you start to wonder how you could live without it. Here in our The Photostick Review we want to explain the details.

The Photo Stick USB: First of all, you can now relax and no longer have to worry about hackers or viruses destroying your souvenir photos. Because with the new gadget you can make a super fast backup of your photos via USB. We have tested The Photostick storage.

The Photostick storage proves that you save time endlessly by eliminating the need to search for hours, and saving it endlessly before backing up. Because The Photostick Storage Review does it all for you. The Photo Stick automatically scans every file, folder and station to find photos and videos. The Photostick USB then makes a backup – with space for up to 60,000 valuable souvenir photos on a single Photo stick.

This way you can make the first steps of your child, family celebrations, parties with friends or holidays with your loved one unforgettable. And this in no time! We can assure you that because we have looked at it extensively in our The Photostick Review. All you have to do is:

The Photostick storage: insert the stick in your computer via the USB port (The Photostick USB works for both Windows and Mac download via Google Play or App Store)


Open the program


Click on “Go” – and: Bähm! Your invaluable memories, whether they are photos or videos, are stored securely.


The Photostick USB drive 128 gb: believe it or not, it only takes a single click. And everything is ready. Super right?

Never ignore the safety of your data

Imagine that your PC or notebook is being hacked. All personal photos and videos are gone! Everything is gone! After a while, you will receive an e-mail from a hacker, probably in Russian, who wants you to spend 1,000 Euros to get your photo and video files back.

You would probably pay it, right? Compared to the idea that all children and wedding photos, but also holiday photos or even the photos of the deceased grandparents have disappeared, it would certainly be the better option to grab you in your bag. Be honest – you would pay, right?
Software that helps organize photos costs 100 Euros and more. And it doesn’t even guarantee 100 percent that all images or videos are safe. So not a perfect option.

If you look at it all, The Photostick USB is a bargain. In any case, this is the insight of our The Photostick Mobile Reviews. Because it costs considerably less than a third of the associated software. For an 8 GB stick, which easily contains 3500 photos), you only pay 34.99 euros. And this knowing that the Photo stick offers the latest available technology. It scans your PC or notebook in no time for photos and videos and creates a complete backup with a single click

The Photo stick USB: with the stick you save a lot of time, money and above all – you can be sure that your memories will be saved forever, so you can always access it whenever you want. I would highly recommend it to any person who is interested in providing enhanced protection to all the photos and preserving the precious memories for the rest of life. I have done that investment and I’m glad that I went for it. Therefore, I would like to encourage you to go ahead and make the same decision as well. Then you will be able to receive the most out of it and remain impressed. You can also keep peace of mind as me.order  the Photo stick USB today.

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